Growth leading indicators

The problem: some of the metrics "we" (as an industry) follow, monitor, and praise, are lagging metrics. E.g. MAU show you what is happening at the moment, but don't help you predict the future. Full article here; cliff notes below. Andrew Chen (follow, follow, follow) defends the need for leading indicators and a more predictive model. … Continue reading Growth leading indicators

Product channel fit

We've all heard about product/market fit. Brian Balfour comes up with an evolution of this concept which is quite interesting. "(...) saying that channels will mold to the product you are building and as a result you think about product and channel separately in silos. But if you think about your product and channels in … Continue reading Product channel fit

Apps monetization – Distimo Feb. report

One download is worth $5.32 in Japan; Five markets with most potential: Japan, Australia, South Korea, UK and USA; ARPD fluctuates depending on the market: Jewel Mania $6.65 in Australia and $1.44 in France; ARPD on iPad is higher; Paid apps are more likely to be downloaded in December (free time?) Freemium business model (free … Continue reading Apps monetization – Distimo Feb. report

Scamming the way to the App Store tops

After the mysterious Flappy Bird "overnight success", another strange story arises about an App achieving Apple's App Store top. "how on earth two different developers used a $10 GameSalad template to send their respective apps — one free, and one paid — into the App Store’s top charts. And more importantly, how did that paid … Continue reading Scamming the way to the App Store tops

Flappy Birds – the numbers behind the success

@zachwill dissecates the number of reviews of Flappy Birds and brings *some* light into the "overnight success". In late December and early January, I’m guessing Dong Nguyen probably usedsome sort of service to download/rate Flappy Bird on the App Store. The end goal was probably to generate some buzz for a game that originally had been released at … Continue reading Flappy Birds – the numbers behind the success