Wise words regarding board meetings

Super valuable advice shared by Bilal Zuberi on hist twitter account on May 12th 2018. All merit belongs to Bilal, I'm just compiling and writing down for future memory. "1) Attended a whole bunch of Board meetings this week on both coasts. Sharing some quick observations on what I typically see work well at Board … Continue reading Wise words regarding board meetings


The tale of the dumb VC

Andy Dunn, CEO and Founder of Bonobos, writes about the dumb VC. Cliff notes: "Dear Dumb VC, let’s recap because you forgot to take notes on your iPad: you are going out of business, you think being hands on is helpful, you’re not in any good deals, you brag about the okay deals you’ve been … Continue reading The tale of the dumb VC

On prosperity and differentiation

Very interesting article by Eric Feng, with 3 worth noting concepts / considerations: 1. App prosperity:  In 1910 a phone call from LA to NY cost 90 hours of work (at average wage). Today it costs less than 2 minutes of work. Same goes for software development: SQL Server 200 took 2 years and hundreds … Continue reading On prosperity and differentiation

Dave McClure’s 10 tips for pitching to VCs

Dave McClure (geek, startup investor, former software developer & entrepreneur, tech blogger, marketing nerd, and overall fan of entrepreneurship) has advised more than 150 startups as of June 2011, has ran a seed fund, startup incubator and managed the Founders Fund in 2008 and the Facebook Fund in 2009. Here are his 10 tips for … Continue reading Dave McClure’s 10 tips for pitching to VCs