Analysing network effects

What is the impact of the network effect on a startup? How to project your network effects over time?  Li Jin and D'arcy Coolican wrote about the dynamics of network effects.   There are three key factors that affect the dynamic of the network effect, namely: a) the value proposition; b) the users / inventory; c) … Continue reading Analysing network effects

On prosperity and differentiation

Very interesting article by Eric Feng, with 3 worth noting concepts / considerations: 1. App prosperity:  In 1910 a phone call from LA to NY cost 90 hours of work (at average wage). Today it costs less than 2 minutes of work. Same goes for software development: SQL Server 200 took 2 years and hundreds … Continue reading On prosperity and differentiation

Large companies using startup’s software – how to

1. Don’t let your eyes be larger than your stomach…at first. 2. Assuming you have your beta/version 1 product, the fist step is to understand exactly who your clients are. 3. The second step is to understand how the clients operate and get some initial feedback on the product. 4. Don’t go whale hunting with … Continue reading Large companies using startup’s software – how to

The evolution of manufacturing

Vivek Wadhwa (even if you don't use Twitter you should create an account just to follow Vivek and Umair Haque) gave us another interesting piece of brain food. He mentions the manufacturing bubble in China, due to subsidies and other artificial tools that made it so attractive for global companies. The rise in AI, robotics … Continue reading The evolution of manufacturing

Silicon Valley’s secrets to productivity

Cliff notes: 1.  Create a Culture of Autonomy, Transparency, and Openness - "Asana, the prominent task management application created by Facebook founder Dustin Moskovitz, productizes the value of transparency by creating a system of distributing tasks where everyone in a company can see the tasks and objectives of everyone in the company. His aim is … Continue reading Silicon Valley’s secrets to productivity