The Land of Super Growth

Temple of Run 2 (iOS): 20M downloads in 4 days; 6M downloads in 1st day. Just to compare, Angry Birds Star Wars achieved 10M downloads in 3 days across several platforms. Wake N Shake alarm clock: 637k downloads in 1 day. Sales jumped from 300 (500 on a good day) to that huge number after … Continue reading The Land of Super Growth

Mobile advertising landscape

      Mobile advertising is relatively tiny: U.S. mobile ad revenue was $1.2 billion last year, a tiny fraction of overall U.S. ad spend. And most "mobile ads" were simply search and display ads viewed on mobile.  According to BI Intelligence estimates, mobile advertising is on track to hit $3.2 billion this year. Why? … Continue reading Mobile advertising landscape

Random facts about smartphone use worldwide

(Data published around May 2012) Android is most popular in Japan iOS is farthest ahead in Switzerland In Egypt, Windows Mobile is way more popular than the iPhone. In the United Arab Emirates, the Blackberry rules More than half (52%) Chinese respondents said they use a smartphone because they can use it "without being seen … Continue reading Random facts about smartphone use worldwide