Play by your own rules

Inside the battle between GoWalla and Foursquare, and how it was won by Instagram, by GoWalla CEO Josh Williams. "The first iPhone with GPS had just landed, so were enthralled with the idea of mixing art, game-like incentives, and real-world location to inspire people to go explore and share their favorite places and experiences. Eventually … Continue reading Play by your own rules

Large companies using startup’s software – how to

1. Don’t let your eyes be larger than your stomach…at first. 2. Assuming you have your beta/version 1 product, the fist step is to understand exactly who your clients are. 3. The second step is to understand how the clients operate and get some initial feedback on the product. 4. Don’t go whale hunting with … Continue reading Large companies using startup’s software – how to

Checklist for investing in a startup

Post from David Cumming's blog, original content from Paul Singh, 500Startups Product solves a problem for a specific target customer Capital-efficient businesses – operational @ <$1M funding Primarily internet-based distribution – search, social, mobile, location Simple revenue models – transactions, subscriptions, or affiliate Functional prototype before investment (or previous success) Small but measurable usage – … Continue reading Checklist for investing in a startup

10 Ways Successful Entrepreneurs Beat The Odds

Yet another great post from Martin Zwilling. It's not luck that makes you successful. What is it, then, you may ask. Martin answers: Never lose sight of long-term goals, but focus real energy on short-term objectives. Set a personal example with visible, memorable symbols and behavior. Instill optimism and self-confidence, but stay grounded in reality. … Continue reading 10 Ways Successful Entrepreneurs Beat The Odds

Silicon Valley’s secrets to productivity

Cliff notes: 1.  Create a Culture of Autonomy, Transparency, and Openness - "Asana, the prominent task management application created by Facebook founder Dustin Moskovitz, productizes the value of transparency by creating a system of distributing tasks where everyone in a company can see the tasks and objectives of everyone in the company. His aim is … Continue reading Silicon Valley’s secrets to productivity

Just culture – Etsy’s blameless culture regarding errors

"Dickerson instituted a culture of blamelessness across the company since he got promoted from CTO to CEO last July—a culture that's allowed Etsy employees to take more risks and move faster. (...) Mistakes happen. When they happen at Etsy, they're reviewed in what's called a "blameless post-mortem." Holding a blameless post-mortem is pretty simple—once you … Continue reading Just culture – Etsy’s blameless culture regarding errors