Is innovation is slowly killing us?

Innovation is commonly associated with employment creation. Innovators create new products thus new jobs are created for people to produce, sell and fix those new products. I personally don't agree with that view. I don't think that innovation is synonym of jobs creation. Although sometimes innovation does creates new or more jobs, job creation is … Continue reading Is innovation is slowly killing us?

The best technology companies are not about technology

There are lots of companies with great technology, incredible know-how and that are full of computer genius. Fortunately. And those companies, a lot of the times, produce great products and great services that help us in our lives. Other times, unfortunately, they fail. Sometimes they fail because they made mistakes, sometimes they fail due to … Continue reading The best technology companies are not about technology

Platform wars *

Companies operating in high tech industries are changing strategy and compete at a higher level. Increasingly, these companies aren't fighting for product market share anymore, they're fighting to win the platforms wars. This is not a new strategy (Beta versus VHS, Windows versus Mac OS), but there's a growing trend among companies, especially technology based, … Continue reading Platform wars *