Growth at Slack – an overview

Fareed Mosavat tweeted an interesting thread about the approach to growth at Slack. Given that it's a "enterprise software startup growing at consumer startup numbers", we should all pay attention to what he said. 1/ So.. I take that back. This is actually a really big deal. Let's talk about the 85k customers number. Two … Continue reading Growth at Slack – an overview

Apps monetization – Distimo Feb. report

One download is worth $5.32 in Japan; Five markets with most potential: Japan, Australia, South Korea, UK and USA; ARPD fluctuates depending on the market: Jewel Mania $6.65 in Australia and $1.44 in France; ARPD on iPad is higher; Paid apps are more likely to be downloaded in December (free time?) Freemium business model (free … Continue reading Apps monetization – Distimo Feb. report

Monetizing Western mobile gaming Apps in Japan

If you're in the mobile gaming industry, you'll want to be big in Japan... "Japan is now the best-monetized market for iOS and Android games in the world (...) Clearly, this market has great potential for Western game developers — but so far, few of them have had much success there. Indeed, according to App Annie’s … Continue reading Monetizing Western mobile gaming Apps in Japan

Mobile advertising landscape

      Mobile advertising is relatively tiny: U.S. mobile ad revenue was $1.2 billion last year, a tiny fraction of overall U.S. ad spend. And most "mobile ads" were simply search and display ads viewed on mobile.  According to BI Intelligence estimates, mobile advertising is on track to hit $3.2 billion this year. Why? … Continue reading Mobile advertising landscape