Effective KPIs

Right about the time I was checking my KPIs for August I came across this very interesting article by Bernard Marr. The author not only explains the advantages of using KPIs as a performance measurement tool (not that you don't know them yet), but he also lists quite a few KPIs for different management areas. … Continue reading Effective KPIs

We’re up all night to get lucky

  Electronic music duo Daft Punk stayed more than all night up to get lucky. In fact, not only did they spent years creating their incredibly successful latest album, it wasn't luck! Behind the scenes of a retro marketing campaign that adapted perfectly to today's social media landscape. Read more about this carefully planned teasing … Continue reading We’re up all night to get lucky

Social footprint used to social score all of us

Your social footprint will be used by marketeers. The more influential you are, the better you will be treated. In hope of spreading their message, of course. "Last week, Klout revealed that Audi would begin offering promotions to Facebook users based on their Klout score. Last year, Virgin America used the company to offer highly … Continue reading Social footprint used to social score all of us