Customer feedback & product development

Framework for getting customer feedback actionable towards a market oriented product development. By Michael Sippey. Most important rule: speak to your customers every day. Literally! Every. Single. Working. Day. Speak with them. Learn from them. 3 key lessons: #1: Have a minimum of 30 meetings, otherwise the product won't be good enough. Michael even shared … Continue reading Customer feedback & product development

Large companies using startup’s software – how to

1. Don’t let your eyes be larger than your stomach…at first. 2. Assuming you have your beta/version 1 product, the fist step is to understand exactly who your clients are. 3. The second step is to understand how the clients operate and get some initial feedback on the product. 4. Don’t go whale hunting with … Continue reading Large companies using startup’s software – how to

Bottleneck buster

5 Ways To Break Through Innovation Bottlenecks "Citi conceived a highly disruptive new business model for a core banking franchise. This new model blended new technology, user-centric design principles, and process innovation to strengthen the bond between banker and client. But the new business model ran the risk of running into several of the bank's … Continue reading Bottleneck buster

Software development: why are task estimation so wrong so often?

(I stole this answer from Michael Wolfe at Quora - it is so great I couldn't resist. If you work in software development, you'll understand how awesome it is) " Let's take a hike on the coast from San Francisco to Los Angeles to visit our friends in Newport Beach. I'll whip out my map … Continue reading Software development: why are task estimation so wrong so often?

Silicon Valley’s secrets to productivity

Cliff notes: 1.  Create a Culture of Autonomy, Transparency, and Openness - "Asana, the prominent task management application created by Facebook founder Dustin Moskovitz, productizes the value of transparency by creating a system of distributing tasks where everyone in a company can see the tasks and objectives of everyone in the company. His aim is … Continue reading Silicon Valley’s secrets to productivity

10 startup traps for startups to avoid

Marty Zwilling (btw, you should follow him on Twitter) wrote yet another good article on common traps startups might fell into. "Business plans are for dummies." "It's the market, stupid." "If we build it, they will come." "We have no competitors." "More features than anyone." "Microsoft is too big/slow to be a threat." "We have … Continue reading 10 startup traps for startups to avoid