The 3 types of knowledge

Found an incredibly great article. It's a bit long but totally worth reading. "Have you ever received praise, or even an award, for being great at something despite having no clue what you’re doing? Do you feel like a fraud, wondering what sort of voodoo you’ve unwittingly conjured up to make people think you know … Continue reading The 3 types of knowledge

Africa, land of opportunities

Did you know...? Let's talk a bit about Africa today. Some interesting facts: - It is really big. How big, you say? - There are over 800 ethnic groups in Africa. This includes South Asians, Europeans, and Arabs who have been there for centuries. - Over 1,000 languages are spoken in Africa (40 of which … Continue reading Africa, land of opportunities

Court, you’re getting it wrong

Apple has been battling Samsung in court trying to protect their IP over what they feel is a “ripoff” of the iProducts. A simple glance at both companies products would be sufficient to understand Apple’s attitude. One of the biggest battles is iPad vs. Galaxy Tab, where Apple claims Samsung "slavishly copied" the iPad. Despite … Continue reading Court, you’re getting it wrong

Is innovation is slowly killing us?

Innovation is commonly associated with employment creation. Innovators create new products thus new jobs are created for people to produce, sell and fix those new products. I personally don't agree with that view. I don't think that innovation is synonym of jobs creation. Although sometimes innovation does creates new or more jobs, job creation is … Continue reading Is innovation is slowly killing us?

Portugal’s bailout

"PORTUGAL’S plea for help with its debts from the International Monetary Fund and the European Union last week should be a warning to democracies everywhere. (...) On a number of measures — industrial orders, entrepreneurial innovation, high-school achievement and export growth — Portugal has matched or even outpaced its neighbors in Southern and even Western … Continue reading Portugal’s bailout