What’s hot in VC-land

Boris Silver, from FundersClub, names the hot areas for the tech VC sector. With how many are you currently involved? Drones Bitcoin Wearables Big Data Crowdfunding Quantified Self 3D Printing The Internet of Things Mobile Virtual Reality Link


The secret of success

It's actually not a secret that in order to achieve success you need to work hard. The Atlantic collected a few photographs of children, in face of disaster, carrying on with their lives and doing their homework. It's a life lesson in perseverance and will. Admire and learn with them! See all the images - … Continue reading The secret of success

It’s more important to be kind than clever

Nice story by Jeff Bezos on the importance of your human side "So by all means, encourage your people to embrace technology, get great at business analytics, and otherwise ramp up the efficiency of everything they do. But just make sure all their efficiency doesn't come at the expense of their humanity. Small gestures can send … Continue reading It’s more important to be kind than clever