What’s hot in VC-land

Boris Silver, from FundersClub, names the hot areas for the tech VC sector. With how many are you currently involved? Drones Bitcoin Wearables Big Data Crowdfunding Quantified Self 3D Printing The Internet of Things Mobile Virtual Reality Link


Instagram for Nokia

Just received a newsletter from Nokia announcing "Instagram now available for Nokia Lumia". Blew my mind! Bear in mind today's the 18th of November! So many things could be said, I'll just highlight two small details to the folks in Finland: nobody thinks about Lumia (zero mind share) and nobody even knew Instagram wasn't available. … Continue reading Instagram for Nokia

On prosperity and differentiation

Very interesting article by Eric Feng, with 3 worth noting concepts / considerations: 1. App prosperity:  In 1910 a phone call from LA to NY cost 90 hours of work (at average wage). Today it costs less than 2 minutes of work. Same goes for software development: SQL Server 200 took 2 years and hundreds … Continue reading On prosperity and differentiation

The evolution of manufacturing

Vivek Wadhwa (even if you don't use Twitter you should create an account just to follow Vivek and Umair Haque) gave us another interesting piece of brain food. He mentions the manufacturing bubble in China, due to subsidies and other artificial tools that made it so attractive for global companies. The rise in AI, robotics … Continue reading The evolution of manufacturing