Enterprise sw and growth

Reforge is a kick-ass source for growth knowledge.

Bela Stepanova, from Box (Director of Product Management) shares her thoughts on enterprise software and growth:

These days, if users aren’t using a product, the real switching cost is logistical. Imagine this – a company installs Salesforce, but the team doesn’t really adopt it – no one’s inputting contacts or tracking communications. When IT identifies the issue, no internal development work is required and no big migration is needed to switch CRMs – IT can just plug and play another SaaS product.

User adoption and engagement are becoming important measurement tools for enterprises as they evaluate switching technologies. IT buyers now measure post purchase success using product engagement metrics, and many now even measure end user productivity as a key input to core business metrics.

Bela’s version of the funnel provides an interesting insight, as she adds extra layers at the top.

Critical are the growth levers, which can be described in four pillars:

  • Business processes
  • Migrations and integrations
  • Employee events
  • Compliance and policies

On employee events: “Mergers and acquisitions, policy and regulation changes, and new hire onboarding are all examples of events that can affect if, how, and when an enterprise customer and their employees engage with your product. All of these can trigger a sudden influx of new users or an unexpected exodus of existing users.


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