Play by your own rules

Inside the battle between GoWalla and Foursquare, and how it was won by Instagram, by GoWalla CEO Josh Williams.

“The first iPhone with GPS had just landed, so were enthralled with the idea of mixing art, game-like incentives, and real-world location to inspire people to go explore and share their favorite places and experiences. Eventually we would refine this goal as “a way to see the world through the eyes of your fiends.” We believed this idea to be the craziest of the lot, so we set about on a rigid pace to launch it in time for SXSW (these being the days you still had a chance of being heard).

Of course, this idea was Gowalla.

A week before launch I came across some interview with Dennis Crowley where he described a new project that he and Naveen Selvadurai had been working on. It was called foursquare.

A week later Gowalla and foursquare would launch on the same day.”


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