On prosperity and differentiation

Very interesting article by Eric Feng, with 3 worth noting concepts / considerations:
1. App prosperity:  In 1910 a phone call from LA to NY cost 90 hours of work (at average wage). Today it costs less than 2 minutes of work. Same goes for software development: SQL Server 200 took 2 years and hundreds of engineers to build; in 2007 less than 20 engineers released Hulu.com beta after 84 days of work; 3 years later 3 engineers built Instagram in 8 weeks. Jason Calacanis recently wrote about something related, in what he called the Time to Excellence
2. Nowdays, it such amazing and acessible tools, anything can be built very quickly. Which means that pure technical execution is no longer a difference maker. And if anything can be built, “anything” will be built. Which takes us to number 3
3. Great engineering is granted, so other factors will determine who wins. Eric says that the difference will be made by one of these factors: Distribution, Design and Business Model. Groupon, Pinterest and Warby Parker are the chosen examples.

Read Article – All Things D

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