10 Ways Successful Entrepreneurs Beat The Odds

Yet another great post from Martin Zwilling. It’s not luck that makes you successful. What is it, then, you may ask. Martin answers:

  1. Never lose sight of long-term goals, but focus real energy on short-term objectives.
  2. Set a personal example with visible, memorable symbols and behavior.
  3. Instill optimism and self-confidence, but stay grounded in reality.
  4. Take care of yourself: Maintain your stamina and let go of guilt.
  5. Reinforce the team message constantly: “We are one – we live or die together.”
  6. Minimize status differences and insist on courtesy and mutual respect.
  7. Master conflict – engage dissidents, and avoid needless power struggles.
  8. Find something to celebrate and something to laugh about.
  9. Be willing to take the Big Risk.
  10. Never give up – there’s always another move


Read article – Business Insider

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