Just culture – Etsy’s blameless culture regarding errors

“Dickerson instituted a culture of blamelessness across the company since he got promoted from CTO to CEO last July—a culture that’s allowed Etsy employees to take more risks and move faster. (…) Mistakes happen. When they happen at Etsy, they’re reviewed in what’s called a “blameless post-mortem.” Holding a blameless post-mortem is pretty simple—once you get people past the natural human instincts of pointing fingers and hiding mistakes: “We have a ground rule that the purpose of a post-mortem is to find out what happened and how to make it better, not to find a person to blame.”


Assume good will.  “Employees are making decisions based on what they think is right for the company,” said Allspaw.

Identify causes, not culprits. Accountability happens naturally as people learn the facts. Focus on exploring what happened—and recognize that in complex systems, there’s rarely one root cause.

Take your time. People used to blaming cultures may take time to come out of their shell and share mistakes and learnings freely.

Read more – Business Insider SAI

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