Biggest social networks

Business Insider pulled a great article ranking the biggest social networks in number of visitors.
The point was to show that, despite an amazing growth rate, there are still a lot of networks ahead of G+. They just lack the exposure and are perceived as smaller.
The article is very recent but given G+ speed growth some positions might not be 100% accurate.
I’ll try to post some insights on revenues and monetization tactics for each.
It would be good to know the number of accounts but I think that the number of people actually using the service is much more useful.
Here’s the list:
Gaia – 2.08M US visitors
Fubar – 2.18
Orkut (google owned) – 2.37
Blackplanet – 2.46
Weeworld – 3.13
Badoo – 3.23
DeviantArt – 3.84
Fantage – 4.98 – 5.95
Tumblr – 6.81
CafeMom – 7.77
Club Penguin (Disney) – 7.98
Mylife – 10.88
LinkedIn – 14.67
MyYearBook – 15.24
Tagged – 21.65
MySpace – 23.02
Twitter (web data only) – 42.53
Facebook – 189.62

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