Management lessons I’ve learnt I

Kill the “Oh, that’s easy” virus!

Some people tend to underestimate the difficulty of certain tasks. “Let’s make it this way, that’s easy”,  “Why don’t we add this, that’s easy for us to do” or even “The client asked us to do this and we said ok, that’s easy for us to do”.

Every time I hear the “oh that’s easy” I think to myself  “this now has 90% chances of getting fucked up”. And although I never did the math I think it’s a pretty accurate estimate.

Funny, I also came to the conclusion that people who pronounce the deadly “that’s easy” sentence are the ones with less knowledge to evaluate the situation.

It’s not that I’m against doing things that weren’t planned or that we’ve never done before, because I thrive on doing those. It’s just the imprudence and irresponsibility of underestimating the amount of knowledge, effort and time that is required to do “that” (whatever that is) well done. Because by underestimating it, you’ll probably not do things well. And that is what I don’t like.

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